The advantages to owning a Portable or Stand-by Generator.

A portable generator can be used in so many different aspects of our lives. The Family that enjoys camping/RV holidays can take full advantage of portable ‘inverter’ generators that provide a very quiet and controllable electricity conversion from DC (direct current) to AC (alternating current), which is safe to operate sensitive electronic devices like laptop computers. Some Portable Generators can reach large power outputs (20,000 watts) meaning that providing power for your construction site or perhaps a back-up for your family home is easily possible. If you want to take your Home back-up to the next level, then a Stand-by generator permanently installed to your house would be ideal. Stand-by natural gas generators are the next generation against power failures and damage from severe storms. Visit us at and we will take you through the few choices you must consider before buying a portable or standby generator. Choices such as different fuel types, how much power you will need, and also the many generator features available on the market today are all explained at is The largest wholesale Distributor of Perfume and Fashion Accessories

Thank you for your interest in our company and products! is a well-established wholesale distributor of fashion shoes and Fashion Accessories. We carry more than thousands of fashion products for wholesale buyers on our web site. We Also Carry Perfume, Cologne By Diamond Collection, Preferred Fragrance, And Other Major Version Of Perfumes. Our Prices can’t Be Beaten. Please visit our Site and see for your self at

.PSD omzetten naar Wordpress

SlicePress is gespecialiseerd op het gebied van WordPress.

.PSD omzetten naar Wordpress is mogelijk bij SlicePress. Wij hebben professionele programmeurs in dienst bij die in staat zijn om uw webdesign om te toveren in een perfect gecodeerde website. Bij zetten wij uw .PSD in no-time om naar een WordPress thema. Bij SlicePress heeft u standaard 30 dagen gratis support na de oplevering! Wij zorgen ervoor dat uw .PSD bestand word omgezet naar een daadwerkelijke WordPress website. Uw .PSD omzetten naar Wordpress lijkt een simpele klus maar dat is het niet. Maar het is wel een heel belangrijk onderdeel van de website, het is immers het fundament. Slicing/Basing is belangrijk voor jouw vindbaarheid. Hoe schoner == netter de code, des te sneller jouw sites zullen laden, waardoor je beter gevonden wordt met hogere zoekresultaten in zoekmachines.

Een enkele PSD of direct al jouw ontwerpen bij ons uitbesteden is geen enkel probleem. Heel simpel gezegd: je levert de lay-out in .PSD (of .AI) formaat aan en wij maken daar een (X)HTML/CSS kant en klare website van. Wij leveren standaard zonder naamsvermelding of enige portfolio opname de bestanden aan jou terug. Geheel white-label op Vraag vandaag nog een gratis offerte aan bij om uw .PSD om te zetten naar een WordPress thema.

Packing for Export Shipping

For over 2 decades our company Export Packing Services Ltd.  ( ) have been packing all types of goods for shipment overseas.  The range of goods we pack really is quite extensive and to give you some idea the these are just some of the things we’ve packed on behalf of our customers:  cars (modern and classic), motorcycles (again modern and classic), works of art (pictures, heavy sculptures etc.), marine parts (pumps, large ship propellers, hoists, winches etc.), roofing structures, custom building fabrications, heavy factory machinery and so on.  Some examples of the sort of goods we pack for export can be viewed here:

Shipping cases are made from heat treated timber that complies with an international standard that ensures it is free from insect infestation or bacteria.  Many countries will not accept imports that are not packed in such material because of the danger of pest migration.

After liaison with the customer we will design a custom packing case that will feature lift points and strengthening beams to facilitate crane or fork lift handling.  In many instances the goods being shipped are sealed inside a plastic wrapper to protect them from moisture or any container water leakage.  The export packing case must protect the goods from damage whilst in transit and also facilitate easy handling by dock and other transport workers.  Cases are clearly marked with orientation, fragility or any special handling instructions.

We provide a full export packing service that can include the collection of the goods from our customer, packing and sealing into the custom case design and then delivering the final package onto the international carrier.  We agree timescales with our customer at time of order and then project manage each job to ensure an on time delivery to the designated shipper.

We are also a hazardous goods packer and such items have to be packed in approved UN receptacles with appropriate markings with special procedures for such goods that will travel by air to their destination.   Our company is licensed by the Department for Transport (Dft) to pack hazardous goods and we operate a secure regulated facility at our premises near London’s Heathrow Airport.

Clearly, correct packaging is a primary requirement for all goods being sent overseas.  With our extensive experience we are happy to offer shipping and packing advice as well as free quotations to prospective customers.  Whilst it’s always nice to plan ahead, this is sometimes not possible and we regularly get requests for rush jobs such as new aerofoils for F1 cars that have suffered damage in circuit testing or perhaps a replacement marine part for a ship that has broken down in a remote location.

Whatever is your packaging requirement for exporting goods we can assist you.  Please visit our website or telephone our London office on +44-(0)1753-210020 or fax: +44-(0)1753-681693.   

Who is Jay Chen?

Hi, my name is Jay Chen. I am currently working at DOOR3 as a senior PHP web developer in the New York City.

I’ve spent the last 10 years and working full-time as a PHP developer especially in Drupal land. During those times, I’ve learned a lots of technologies such as:

  • Drupal 6 & 7, Apache solr search integration, i18n multiple languages support.
  • Other CMS such as CakePHP, Wordpress, eZ Publish, Zen cart and Magento.
  • PHP, C#, ActionScript 3.
  • Third party api integration such as Facebook connect, LinkedIn connect, and YouTube API.
  • MySQL and SQL Server.
  • HTML5, CSS3, Mobile Responsive web design (RWD), Cross browser compatibility.
  • And much more! 

What does do?

Our tech blog shares with you the latest business trends in the world, and IT related businesses. We will share our successes or failures experiences when we find a nice solution for a technical problem.

Our snippet examples offers you tips and tricks, techniques, and to enhance the performance of your website. 

What are Jay Chen’s works portfolio?

  • Enterprise CIO Forum: The Forum is directed by editorial professionals at CXO Media (parent company of CIO magazine), the preeminent information source for IT leaders, and sponsored by HP.
  • Pure Fare: it is to provide delicious, fresh, healthy, all natural foods supported by an integrated suite of interactive web based tools that allow consumers to achieve their health goals.
  • B.R.I.D.G.E. TO DATA®: it  is a web-accessible subscription resource of database profiles that provides in-depth information on population healthcare databases, which are continuously updated. 
  • Multiple Listing Service Express: It is an online property search engine covers properties all over New Year, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, etc.

For more informations, please visit our works portfolio.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Thank you so much for your time.

Business Telephone Systems and IT Management In Chicago

Business Telephone Systems Incorporated is a telecommunications infrastructure company based in Chicago, Illinois. Also referred to as BTS Solutions for short, this company is buoyed by a handpicked group of customer support staff and experienced engineers, who will work together to take your business to the next level.

How Can Business Telephone Systems Incorporated Help Reduce Costs?

BTS Solutions helps businesses cut costs and increase efficiency by installing and or revamping the infrastructure of the telecommunications system. They accomplish this feat by working with not only their customers but their many heavy hitting partners in the telecom industry to deliver an outstanding product.

Who Are BTS Solutions’ Heavy Hitting Telecom Partners?

The star-studded list of partners BTS Solutions has in the telecommunications industry is very impressive. To aid in providing top-notch solutions to the Chicago area, the group of companies BTS Solutions can count on include but aren’t limited to: Comcast, Paetec, Level 3 Communications, X O Communications, Avaya, Polycom, Nortel Networks, and Asterisk.

You read that correctly. On top of the top-notch services provided by BTS Solutions themselves are an all-star team of companies working hand in hand with BTS Solutions to provide the right telecommunications infrastructure for you.

What Services Does BTS Solutions Provide To The Chicago Area?

If you’ve ever worried about how you’re going to get Avaya support in Chicago, worry no more. BTS Solutions is not only providing support for Avaya products but Avaya maintenance as well. If you take a look through BTS Solutions’ extensive list of services available thanks to their partnerships, you’ll notice Nortel support, and Nortel maintenance on there as well. BTS Solutions provides the Chicago area with some of the best telecommunications options, and is one of the best companies to go to for low voltage Union Wiring in Chicago.

How Can I Contact BTS Solutions?

It doesn’t matter if you need a new service, are a long time customer, or not interested in buying, but in creating a profitable partnership with BTS Solutions. They’ll respond to all e-mails and phone calls with detailed answers and provide the information necessary to answer any queries you may have. The contact page on their site BTS SOLUTIONS - AVAYA SUPPORT VOICEMAIL CHICAGO  has an e-mail form prepared – this means you don’t even have to open your e-mail to contact them! Their number, address, and email can also be found in abundance everywhere on their site.

Give BTS Solutions a call! An e-mail! Or a visit locally!

How to Hack Facebook Passwords

How to Hack Facebook passwords
Hack Facebook Passwords : It can be as easy as running Firesheep on your information processing system for a few detailed. In deed, Facebook actually allows leod to get into someone else’s Facebook calculation without intelligent their password. All you have to do is desire three wellwisher to send a code to. You typify in the three digest, and voilà—you’re into the explanation. It’s as easy as that.
In this concern I’ll show you these, and a couple other ways that hackers (and even regular folks) can hack into someone’s Facebook account. Using an advanced Facebook password hack that makes possible to steal Facebook passwords.
Facebook isn’t something you should steer begone from, but you do need to be aware of your surroundings and constitute smart decisions approximately what you put up on your profile. The less intelligence you give out on Facebook for everyone to see, the more impede you constitute it for hackers to find Facebook passwords.

Visit now:


4 Ways to Crack a Facebook Password and How to Protect Yourself …. Retrieved on November 10, 2013, from
Facebook Bug #4: Password Reset Vulnerability Found in. (2013). Retrieved on November 10, 2013, from

Online casino’s in The Netherlands

Despite the fact that you can play legal online casino’s from the 1st of january 2015, you can always play tolerated online casino’s in The Netherlands. Online casino’s like Krooncasino or Amsterdams Casino are examples, have won a lot of prizes in the last years. Krooncasino has won the award of “The best online casino in The Netherlands”. The Dutch government has created a new gambling authority, called “De Kansspelautoriteit” (KSA). This authority will give on the date of 1 january 2015, dutch online casino’s licenses. These licenses can be obtained by online casino’s if they follow the rules of this KSA, these are:

  • The homepage has to be completely in English
  • No multimedia or newspaper advertisements.

There are a lot of online casino’s which are following these rules. There was one online casino who didn’t and they got a fine of €150,000. People in The Netherlands can’t wait untill they can finally gamble legal in The Netherlands. If you can’t wait till that date, you can check this website for the best Dutch online casino’s.

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The Best Fishing Tackle Shop in The UK

At Angling Direct we stock a wide range of fishing tackle and fishing equipment for the serious fisherman. Whether you like carp fishing, sea fishing, fly fishing, or maybe you are interested in specialist fishing, match fishing and coarse fishing, we have all the fishing gear you need!

We stock, and price match, on a wide range of fishing rods, fishing poles and fishing reels from all major fishing gear suppliers such as Daiwa, Shimano, Preston, Fox, Shakespeare, Hardy, Greys & Chub. In our web store we have specialist pages expressly dedicated for different aspects of angling such as carp fishing tackle, fly fishing tackle, sea fishing tackle, coarse fishing tackle and match fishing tackle pages.

As well as having dedicated fishing tackle pages, for the different aspects of the sport, we also have a dedicated specials page, where we offer some of the best fishing tackle deals around.

Do come and try us out. #Tightlines